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Over 65 Local Programs!

Maine has over 65 adult education programs across all counties, that are committed to supporting adult learning. Programs provide reading and math instruction, offer the HiSET (formerly GED) and traditional diploma programs, have college preparation options and workforce training, and connect individuals with community resources. Additionally, Maine Adult Education recognizes the importance of lifelong learning as it empowers individuals, strengthens families, and builds community connections.

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There are over 65 local adult education programs in Maine.  If you want to refresh basic skills in reading, writing or math, get a diploma or take the HiSET (used to be called the GED), earn a workplace certificate, or prepare for college, Maine Adult Education can help.  Use our search features to find your local program today!

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Skill Building Options

Basic Skills and Literacy

For those requiring reading, writing, math, science, or tech refresher courses, adult education can assist. Contact your local program to assess needs and explore options. Whether improving reading skills, earning high school credits, or acquiring digital literacy for daily life and work, adult education can help.

English Language

Adult education can assist those who don’t speak English as their first language. Programs can help you learn to read, write, and speak English. Whether you need basic language skills or help translating transcripts from another country, adult education can help. Find your local program today!

Two Paths to a Diploma

High School Diploma

Maine adult education programs offer individuals the opportunity to earn a diploma through flexible and tailored learning experiences. The number of courses required varies by district. Contact your local program for more information.

HiSET (Think GED)

The HiSET, Maine’s version of the GED) is a high school equivalency exam that offers a second choice to earn a diploma. The test covers five core subjects: Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Contact your local program to learn more about testing.

Beyond a Diploma

College/Career Prep and Certificates

Contact your local adult education program earn workforce certificates in these and more:

Certified Nurse Aid (CNA)

Certified Medication Aid (CMA)

Commercial Truck Driving CDL

Welding and other Trades

Bank Teller

Retail Sales Associate

Adult education also offers help for those applying to college.

(Skill Development, tutoring, and more!)


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